A Quick Tutorial

The Hana Farmers Market Online is hosted on the Local Food Marketplace platform.
How Local Food Marketplace processes orders is a bit different from how shopping carts usually work, so here’s a quick tutorial.
Weekly Schedule
Shopping works in a weekly schedule, so each week the market opens to place orders on Friday and closes on Tuesday at 9:00am, for pickup that Friday.
Unconfirmed Orders
When you first place items in your cart, these are part of an unconfirmed order.
They are not “reserved” and taken out of the market inventory until you confirm the order. So if an item sells out before you confirm your order, it will not be available.
And if you don’t confirm the order by the cutoff time, then your order will not be placed.
Confirmed Orders
Once you confirm an order, the items are reserved in your cart, but you can still edit your order (add or remove items) up until the cut-off time on Tuesday morning at 9:00.
Order Cutoff
After the order cutoff time, your order may be adjusted by the market admins (for example, if a supplier is unable to fill an order).
Pickup Day + Payment
Once all the orders are packed on the pickup day, your card will be charged prior to pickup. (SNAP/EBT payments will be swiped at pickup.)
Hopefully this will help all our shoppers have a clear understanding of the flow of how ordering works on this platform.
If anyone has any questions about the ordering process, let us know!