Hana Farmers Market Vendors,

The 2021 Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program managed by MEO provides low-income seniors with fresh produce from Maui farmers markets. Each participant will receive 10 $5 coupons, worth a total of $50, to exchange for unprocessed locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and honey.

Hana Farmers Market is authorized to accept SFMNP coupons.

To accept the coupons, a vendor at the Hana Farmers Market must read and sign the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Sub-Outlet Agreement (leave the sub-outlet ID and outlet ID blank).

Each vendor will also be provided with a certified SFMNP identification sign, and a USDA civil rights nondiscrimination flyer, that both must be displayed at the vendor’s tent.

Coupons can only be accepted for fresh unprocessed locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey, and herbs.

Coupons will be submitted to the Hana Farmers Market staff, and farmers will be paid out bi-weekly along with SNAP, scrip, and online market sales.