Vendor Spotlight – Naked Cow Dairy

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Naked Cow Dairy Farm & Creamery

Monique Van Der Stroom’s love for cows goes back as far as she can remember. After attending the University of Arizona, where she studied animal and dairy science, Monique managed the largest dairy producer in the state of Hawai’i, Pacific Dairy.

However, in 2007 Pacific Dairy closed its doors, giving Monique an opportunity to bring back small, family-style dairy farms that allow the consumer to really know their farmer. That’s when Naked Cow Dairy Farm & Creamery began 13 years ago on the Island of O‘ahu.  Large industrial dairy farming had proven unsustainable, and Monique believes in grass-fed, pasture raised cows who are never treated with antibiotics or hormones. 

Similar to the 2020 pandemic, Naked Cow launched during the 2008 recession when locally produced agriculture received a huge boost of support. Unable to compete with mainland milk production, Monique focused on producing artisanal cheese, gourmet butter, and cream top yogurt. In 2019, Naked Cow become a dual island dairy, with their farm operations in Hawi, Hawai’i, and production continuing on O‘ahu. 

“We are proud to be the first, and only, producer of these products in Hawai’i. We intend to provide our products to the people of Hawai’i and her visitors for many years to come.” – Monique Van Der Stroom 

Naked Cow got their start by participating in local farmers markets where the word spread about their local hand-made cheeses and butters. Grateful for the support they’ve received for more than a decade, Naked Cow is happy to finally be represented on Maui by the Maui Food Hub and the Hāna Farmers Market.  Stop by their booth weekly and visit Emma! Previously part of the Hawi dairy staff, Emma now represents Naked Cow on Maui. We sure are glad she’s here! Mahalo Monique and Emma for bringing these high quality dairy products to the community of Hāna. 

Ideas From the Dairy Kitchen

Add Cream Top Yogurt to dips, dressings and your breakfast granola with fruit!

Sauté veggies (especially mushrooms) in our Garlic Herb Garden Butter.

Spice up tacos, sandwiches and salads with the Sriracha Soft Cheese Spread.  

Benefits of a GRASS-FED, Local Dairy: 

1.  Lowers the impact on fuel and energy consumption, reducing the carbon “hoof” print.

2.  It’s fresh! So it has a longer life on your refrigerator shelf.

3. It has higher concentrations of beneficial omega-3 fatty acid

4. Local dairy goes through a single pasteurization process. Mainland dairy products are pasteurized twice! Both before leaving for Hawai’i, and again upon entering Hawai’i. This forces producers to re-introduce beneficial bacterias and nutrients that have been lost during this intensive cooking process. Not Good!